SneakerRefresh 24 Hour Residential Proxies

We are proud to announce we have developed a new proxy system for users who prefer to run their own setups. These proxies will work on ALL sneaker/clothing websites. Proxies are $1 each and will be online for 24 hours. Proxies are delivered at 11 PM ET the night before release.

What is a proxy?
Essentially, a proxy is used to connect to a website without revealing your own IP. Your requests are routed through our servers so that websites cannot tell that you are the one making requests, making you completely anonymous. They're very useful when doing things such as botting and web crawling.

How can I use my proxies?
Many programs will ask you to provide your own proxies, so you are able to use our proxies with that software.

Due to the nature of online releases and resources there will be no refunds for our proxies. By clicking the terms and conditions box below you agree to this.

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